GDS GMBH & CO. KG is leading the industry with its comprehensive TITAPE portfolio of high-quality, sustainable solutions. TITAPE’s capability to address outstanding durability and performance is evaluated from a life-cycle perspective along the value chain. The TITAPE brand is a symbol for technically superior, user-friendly, and long-lasting products.

For TITAPE, innovation means implementing something new that adds value. That’s why TITAPE has recently developed and patented the direct food contact compliant tape ES-FDA-TEX, that moves the industry forward and show customers the value of new approaches.


GDS has been running its own quality management system in compliance with DIN EN 9001:2015.

An accredited certification authority regularly verifies the successful implementation and improvement of our quality management system.


certified &
locally sourced


in compliance with
DIN EN 9001:2015


permanent control
of all production phases


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It is our aim to always be one step ahead of the market by recognizing opportunities and trends at an early stage.

Technological innovations have always been the driving force behind GDS, and are part of the company’s tradition. In recent years, the importance of our research, development and quality assurance departments has grown enormously, so that new and improved products have been successfully established through optimized production processes and innovative materials.

The laboratories, prototyping and other technical facilities are the source of many ideas and the basis for the interdisciplinary cooperation of our chemists, process engineers, mechanical and production specialists.

In order to meet the highest demands, regular verification of the company certification according to DIN 9001 is just as obligatory as product monitoring in accordance with applicable national and international standards. Numerous certifications prove that quality management, process safety, environmental protection and sustainability are the guiding principles of our daily work – from the equipment at our site to each individual production step.


Yes, TITAPE products are explicitly developed and tested to be permanently waterproof and, even airtight.

To ensure the water- and air-tightness of TITAPE coated webbings after installation, the proper process technology is essential.

High Frequnecy Welding
Excellent results are achieved by high frequency welding. The material used for the production of our zipper tape can be welded to a polyurethane coated nylon (PA) or polyester (PES) as well as PVC very well.

By sewing the zippers, please ensure, that the stitching holes are fully covered by applying an additional sealing tape. Otherwise the small holes suck liquid inside of the zippers and may result delamination of the coating after some time. Furthermore, small channels between the tape and the zipper result in leakage. So a perfectly pain sealing tape is necessary.

In case of glueing there are many different adhesives available on the market.  The suitability needs to be carried out from case to case.

In terms of material composition, TITAPE webbings comply with the most important regulations. Dependent on the TITAPE webbing version, statements of compliance according FDA, RECH, NFS H1, PFAS, etc. can be shared.

The period of time during which a product can provide the expected performance in its intended area of use is known as the useful life. The expected useful life of a product depends on the product type and the intended area of use. If the product is regularly maintained in accordance with the care instructions of TITAPE and the finished product manufacturer, the regular useful life will be increased. Products have reached the end of their useful life when they are severely damaged or worn out to the point that it is no longer possible to restore full functionality in terms of waterproofness and/or airtightness. At some point, all products reach the end of their useful life.

Although TITAPE webbings are expected to last a long time, some components used in their manufacturing process, such as glue or other adhesives, wear out over time. No product lasts forever and ever – unfortunately.

Only the authentic TITAPE coated webbings guarantee first-class functionality, durability, cleanability, waterproofness and airtightness.

Unfortunately, more and more imitation products, can be found on the market. In order to avoid plagiarism, attention should be paid when sourcing the webbings. Therefore, it is recommended to order TITAPE webbings from officially authorized dealers or directly from TITAPE only.

Dirt particles can impair the surface, functionality and durability of TITAPE coated webbings. We recommend a light soapy water and a soft brush for cleaning. Do not use solvents or aggressive cleaning agents.